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Best Double Bass Pedal
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Posted 2:22 AM 3/9/2010

Hi, what do you guys think is the best double bass pedal out there?

I've been using a Tama Iron-Cobra (the limited edition chrome one ) for a couple of years now, and recently it's requiring a lot of maintenance - the lugs are stripping, the beater head comes loose, etc. I do a lot of travelling, but I carry it in the big bulky aliminium case (that takes a lot of space!).

In comparision, I've got an old Gibraltar Avenger at home that I use to just practice on. It's not as fast as the Iron Cobra, but It's NEVER given me any problems (although it never leaves the house).

I'm looking at buying a new pedal in the near future and everyone tells me I should get the Pearl Demon Drive. But it's a lot of money!

We can only get the Axis Longboards through special import in Cape Town (1000km's from where I live), but is it worth it?

Any suggestions/advice?

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Posted 3:03 AM 3/12/2010
Hey Buff man, my buddy who tears up the drums plays on an Iron Cobra (I know cause he always tells everybody how good the Iron Cobra is). I can't show ya anything of him but trust me the man's got skillz and speed.
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Posted 2:30 AM 3/18/2010
Thanks Rick. Yeah, I like the Iron Cobra, but man that Pearl Demon Drive looks cool... maybe I should just "service" my Iron Cobra.